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Servicing a Wurlitzer EP200/200A piano is no job for enthusiastic amateurs. The instrument has to be dismantled deep down as far as the keybed, then built back up slowly and thoroughly, finishing off with voicing and tuning.


The whole exercise takes 2+ days; no compromise. They are genuine scaled-down pianos, with whips/butts etc (every assembly has 50 parts). The wooden keys are individually hand-made & numbered (non-interchangeable), and the 64 reeds are a challenge to voice and tune. The amplifiers also require specialist attention to maintain reliability.


As from August 2023, most EP200A pianos will be fitted with new WARNECK*** amplifiers. KKGB finally acknowledge that the (nearly) 50-year-old units are becoming increasingly unreliable. Dry joints, components, wires and the actual main boards are simply "past it..."


The earlier EP200 pianos? KKGB WILL persevere with the originals, with all their quirks. Yes, they are even older (...up to 1975-ish). The 200 amps do not have any pre-amp device mounted on the harp, or the extra (pain-in-the-butt) gain pot on the keybed. They are just one board (only), and can be easily swapped in/out in 30 mins. We just love the sound!

*** Warneck amplifiers/Retro Linear (USA) are the original, and still the best. Hundreds of happy musos stick with them (eg Lenny Kravitz) . In production since 2008!

''Our amplifiers implement the best-possible power supply circuitry operating at an extremely low noise floor which eliminates the hiss, buzz, hum or radio interference (RF) noise usually associated with original Wurlitzer amplifiers.  There are some amps and reissued circuits which operate off early 60's solid-state architecture or new class d switching amps with non-user serviceable parts that are quite unreliable..''

Typical cost of full refurb is £600 + VAT. Collection & return is not a problem for (usually) £100. KKGB also service the other models eg EP206. Contact us for more info.

Fender Rhodes

Whether it's a chunky Stage 54, Suitcase 73, Mk1, Mk11 or MkV, or Fender Rhodes Stage 88 with Satellite system, Klassic Keys GB have the capability & experience to bring any model back to factory spec, or even custom work/re-tolexing etc plus collection & return to client's studio/home.


We use Avion Studios for most new parts, and our engineer can repair/refurb any tired or faulty Peterson/Haigler pre-amp and/or 7054/7710 suitcase components. Harps are especially looked after even Hammerite painting of the steel frame and all victims of poor factory QC are usually corrected eg "out-of-line" assemblies due to mounting holes being wrong (happens more than you think!), also tines being incorrect length/dull sounding/having the "wazz" factor etc, and the appropriate tuning spring not been fitted etc.


Prices start from £350, but every "patient" will have different maladies. Vintage Vibe pianos can also be serviced/voiced & tuned.  Contact us for more info.

We are the official UK suppliers of the incredible Retro flyer from the USA. Click here to find out more!


D6/E7/DUO and earlier models....KKGB will bring your sullen clavinet back to sparkling, sizzling, funking life. It is very much a specialist job to do so. Hammer tip alignment/replacement is crucial (using the best tips).

There is MUCH to be rectified

  • Strings replaced & tuned

  • Yarn/gel positioning

  • Electronics

  • Pick-ups and switches

  • Muting mechanism functionality

  • Keybed rusting problems

Typical cost is circa £500, maybe including collection & return.

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