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The RetroFlyer


Active Preamp for Passive Rhodes

The Retroflyer is an active preamp with volume, mid boost/cut and fully adjustable tremolo designed to fit perfectly into passive Mark I and II Fender Rhodes.


  • High-headroom, high-detail, low-noise preamp circuit

  • High input impedance with full frequency and dynamic range

  • On board 3-position high pass filter

  • 7db Balanced Mid Boost/Cut

  • Twin VCA true stereo tremolo

  • Custom faceplate w/ custom dual concentric knobs

  • High quality, name brand components throughout

  • Extensive power filtering, power supply included

  • Complete kit installs in less than 15 minutes

  • 1 year warranty with lifetime support

  • Designed, tested and manufactured by Avion Studios USA

Klassic Keys are official Avion Studios European distributors of this amazing device that brings ANY Stage piano to LIFE, with stereo trem/outs + mid cut/boost. We have now sold over 125 Retro Flyer kits, from E. Midlands to New Zealand.


NEW DLX "Peterson" unit just been released!

Convert your dreary-sounding old Stage 73/88 to a suitcase-type rig, without the need for a powered cabinet.


£399 inc VAT + freebies


Visit Avion Studios for more info

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