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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

The Legendary 80s Synth Redesigned

This is one of the great music biz stories. In the 1990s, due to the fact that the actual Moog brand-name became unlicensed at the time, Moog Music Ltd (Caerphilly, Wales) emerged....quite legally, so it seems. Alex Winter was the gent involved, who unfortunately passed away in 2019. Allegedly, the company produced only 5 or 6 of the model 204E Minimoog, before its own demise. Also known as the "Welsh Minimoog" or "Minimoog (type) E" it was actually made by Renatus Organ Co (Bideford/N Devon).

There were also four technical improvements eg MIDI. Apparently, one is owned by the son of a British rock legend, one is somewhere else in England, one is rumoured to be in Argentina....and there is this one, temporarily in the custody of Klassic Keys GB. This leaves only 1 or 2 elsewhere (would love to know, just being nosey....).

If you examine the photos of the actual synth, it absolutely IS a Minimoog. There are a few extra controls & switches. (1) Pulse width modulation (PWM) added to oscs 1 & 2 (2) octave transpose (3) MIDI (with channel select) and (4) multiple envelope triggering, are the new additions; and jolly handy they are too! Note voltage select 120/220 Vac.

Sonically, the big, fat bass sounds & screaming lead tones are very much there, as you would expect. There are NO calibration/tuning issues that we can detect. The synth has been double-checked by one of KKGB's freelance techs (who is well familiar with Minimoogs). He loved it...said it was "better than a typical model D....." Sound on Sound actually reviewed the 204E. If you find the article, you will note that ALL reviewers thought the same... Apparently, Bob Moog, himself, played a 204E; he was impressed, which was magnanimous in the circumstances. This also might mean that there is a Model E in the USA?

So, here we have it. It is what it is <> the rarest Minimoog in the world. KKGB includes a Moog "totecase", mains cord & 12 months full guarantee. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO of a slow-talking Texan dude taking a Model D through its paces. This is what the 204E will sound like, PLUS the 4 extra features.

UK price is £12.5K (GBP). Delivery (insured) to UK (all of it!) is FREE. Overseas/Export price is £11.5K. Tell us where you are, and speedy send quote will appear (at cost/insured). Price is negotiable to some degree. All payment by bank transfer only. P/Ex of your surplus synths/keyboard is also possible...even chop in your existing Minimoog?..........but no rubbish, please!

Taken from Reverb listing

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The Moog Mini wasn't an 80s synth.

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