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Congratulations to Jacob Collier!

On Sunday, Jacob received his 5th Grammy Award for his song 'He Won't Hold You' which won the award for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals - the third time Jacob has won the prize.

Although he's not a household name, Jacob is well-known in the industry and it's not hard to understand why. Not only is he a talented song writer but also a gifted multi instrumentalist as seen in this video..

Amoungst the impressive collection of instruments in his studio, there is a blue Wurlitzer EP200, which will hopefully be big enough to house his 5th Grammy Award . Not so long ago, Doug had the pleasure of personally delivering that very blue Wurli to jacob in his studio. Here's what Doug had to say about Jacob..

I met Jacob many months ago, when I delivered the blue EP200 to him in N.London. He had no edge to him, and made me a coffee straight away: top man! It was a delight to watch him play (not just the Wurlitzer)...and I can now make it public knowledge.....I let him jam with ME! His talent seems endless, has a great voice.....and understands all today's technology re making/editing videos etc What can he NOT do? A true global phenomenon!

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