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Coming early next year - " 64 CLASSIC new budget model" -  back to basics; black plastic, flattish harp cover, passive electrics wi hi/lo eq & vol ~ same staggeringly playable action (adored by the pros) ~ lightweight!


Projected UK/KK price incuding legs & pedal (and delivery?) = £3,500 inc VAT @ 20%


P/ex is also possible....... call 07748-638201 to chat or send a message for more details of the "64 CLASSIC".


Do you own a vintage piano or keyboard?


Klassic Keys pays cash for used instruments depending on condition and history.


Please send an email to discuss payment or part exchange details.


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Looking to sell?

Bespoke service

Custom Wurli EP206 004 Custom Wurli EP206 009

Have something special in mind?


At KK we offer a fully bespoke service on most of our vintage pianos; whether it's a custom paint job or a unique take on the internal mechanics.


Pictured is a  EP206 with 207 top lid & 200 amplifier

News & Announcements

RHODES SUITCASE PIANOS - we are announcing that we will have certain models available for sale very soon. Our favourite variant is the Rhodes FR7710 4 x 12" 150W Cabinet & 73/88 note matching piano (with the pre-amp with the faders on).


They all require the electronics to be serviced as well as the mechanics....Prices from £1,500.


Winter stock of Wurlitzer EP200/200A - we have 8 available! 4 are South African 220Vac ex-classroom (former EP206) - now model 200A spec in TAN = amazing mechanical condition as never been gigged= as "new" as possible. Price POA.

New Stock

Budget Vibes - 03/14

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Our passion for vintage keyboards and our dedication to customer service is guaranteed throughout your investment, as we depend on your repeat interest and genuine recommendations to help us grow and deliver a unique service.


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As we approach our 4th birthday the site is undergoing some changes. The aim is general improvements and expansion upon the 'for sale' section into divisions of manufaturors and type.


Thank you for your patience as this and some other changes may take a little while to complete.  


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Welcome to Klassic Keys - The Vintage Piano Specialists






This site has been designed to facilitate the needs of professional performers, recording artists and discerning enthusiasts from all over the world, by focusing over 25 years of expertise into a straight forward and happy experience.



Due to growing demand for our refurbed pianos, we have to point out that ALL items have to be refurbed/restored. This takes a lot of time; typically 14 hours per unit.


How we are working it now is that a customer's chosen piano will be earmarked to have the work done after an agreed price, delivery costs and deposit have been settled. Three weeks later, piano will be delivered. Klassic Keys do not have a shiny showroom for folks to wander around to any try instruments out.... we have a busy workshop, thats it.


Wurlitzer models in our possession -  Feb 2014


200 (5),  200A (2),  140B (1),  145 (tube amp) (1),  700 spinet (1),  270 (Butterfly baby grand) (1)          


Details on request

Wurli Stock - 02/14

Klassic Keys have the "64 CLASSIC" Vintage Vibe piano in stock. It's the ACTIVE version (stereo vib ~ treble & bass cut/boost etc) -

so it's the "64A CLASSIC''.


Price:- £2999 + VAT @ 20%.  Any trial by appointment.


Possibly the only such piano in the UK right now. KK have sold on three V Vibe pianos to date and every new owner says "worth every penny."

V Vibe make the ONLY NEW electro-mechanical piano in the world - hand-made wooden keys etc etc...and LIGHT & PORTABLE.

Vintage News - 03/14