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Welcome To Klassic Keys!

We are celebrating TEN YEARS of rescuing & restoring vintage USA electro-mechanical pianos! Over 500 Wurlitzer & Fender Rhodes (+ some Clavinets/VOX organs & synthesizers) are now being played/recorded/gigged all round the globe.



That is not bad, considering KKGB is virtually a one-man outfit..




''My stock is mostly direct from the USA. I import four containers every year by ocean freight (up to 20 pianos each time, all models). I know EVERY nut/bolt/washer etc on each piano and so I should after hundreds of them! Servicing is 50% of the business. I do not charge an hourly rate, as others do. The price is fixed, and that's that (except when a surprise part is required like a dodgy speaker), and I can collect & return from most locations in the UK. Being based in E. Midlands allows good UK coverage - and, NO, not everyone lives in London! I have travelled as far north as Pitlochry/as far south as Penzance, in my little KKGB van... I cannot trust UK carriers with such precious instruments.



When my pianos are even being used to sample FROM (Spitfire Audio), then that in itself is testimony to the audio quality of KKGB instruments. Klassic Keys GB will remain small in size in the future. All pianos are personally refurbed by me; NO farming out. Electronics are professionally handled by two/three trusted techs, many now PAT tested/certified. Parts used are THE best for the job in hand.



I knew that I had reached the top level in the pro muso/recording world the day I was in Abbey Road Studios in 2017. I was doing a quickie repair to a KKGB Wurlitzer EP200 on the premises, peeped out of the window, and there was the famous 'Beatles' pedestrian crossing, complete with continuous selfie-taking fans from all over the world... I thought ''golly gosh'', here I am in THE most famous recording studio on the planet (Shadows/Cliff/Beatles et al) and KKGB Wurlis & Rhodes being played by musos like James Bay/Laura Mvula/Ben Watt - bands like Kaiser Chiefs/Hot Chip and TOP jazz pros like Neil Cowley/Ross Stanley/David Clayton, who NEED instruments that are reliable and perform to "pro" standard, not forgetting many enthusiastic collectors and professional producers (Phil Harding/Steve Smith) and tribute bands (Carpenters Gold) and European/Scandinavian studios/musos and hire companies (Session Music - Dublin/Ooosh!).''


















Doug Mckendrick KKGB CEO


"DREAMTIME USA" is Klassic Keys GB's NEW venture - Vintage original polysynths from the USA 1970/80s ONLY. No remakes/rehashes, just the ones that started it all <> subtractive synthesis simply enables the player to create his/her OWN sounds; not presets or second-hand samples! Oberheim OB-8 ~ Sequential Circuits Propthet-10 are already available ( from 2/6/19). Not cheap items, but they will actually hold/increase their fiscal value in the future (new car vs classic car analogy). Spare parts are always available (no special custom superchips that cannot now be found, like in later synths). We can fix them if they go wrong! KKGB will offer back-up/guarantees, and can even bring any synth to you for demoing, by arrangement.. you can trust us! Hey, I was around when the Prophet 5 emerged at Dougie's Music (Cheshire), I remember a brand-new T-8 coming through the door....and Memorymoogs.


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