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Wurlitzer Pianos


The damper mechanism will work perfectly. Every note will "sound" for 2 seconds minimum ~ all the reeds will  be checked for performance and finally the piano will be stretch-tuned to A-440Hz. The amplifier will be re-built do note that many components on the board will be "tired" ; not designed to last for 35-odd year our re-populated amplifiers are guaranteed for 6 months. The speakers will be rattle-free. The controls will be scratch-free. Legs and pedal will be included in the package.


Klassic Keys also offer custom colour re-spray finish in Royal Blue, Ferra Red & Orange.

KISSY RED ep200a 009 EP200-snow

Wurlitzer pianos are incredibly complex instruments; the key-action section has over 3,000 components in it (whips, butts, etc. they are genuine pianos!). Every unit is totally stripped down to the key-bed. All 64 hammers, all 64 whip assemblies, all 64 keys are removed and lubricated, replaced or adjusted until all parts are performing as they ought to.

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Early Wurlitzer promotional material

Maccabees x 3

Kaiser Chiefs x 2

James Bay

Alexis (Hot Chip)

Justin (The Vaccines)

Ben Watt

Grant Alexander

Laura Mvula ~

Corrinne Bailey Rae ~

Many recording studios eg Crypt


+ 15O more all round the globe

Owner/players of KK GB Wurlitzers




1.  EP200        

2. EP200A        

3. 140B    

4. 145B

5. 700/720





***  =   all 220Vac, seriously serviced with NEW legs, NEW pedal, refurbed amplifier (guaranteed 12 months) & SAFE


Prices include VAT @ 20%.  





Updated 08/4/18

Current Stock

KKGB transition process from:-  USA import (Hollywood, California) to Carpenters Gold (Tamworth, England) from tan EP206 console to black EP206A.  Pictures show exactly how deep the 7-day refurbishment goes; a total disembowelment!


A reconstruction with correct fuses, suppressors, and (final factory spec) of improved original 200A amplifier (see on-board fuses moved/improved). The entire piano voiced/tuned to KKGB "pro" standard, with new faceplate/grommets/wiring/reed-bar kit/hum shield/new badge on rear etc and even an in-line passive transformer to futher reduce the inherent hum/ethereal audio intrusions to near zero.


All ready now to go live on stage with "Carpenters Gold" tribute act as centre-piece piano, just like the Richard Carpenter model used constantly all through The Carpenters lengthy career.



KKGB Transition process

Update - Demand for  KKGB-refurbed EP200/200A pianos has now gone exponential....so if you are thinking of investing in one that will be up to the demanding standard of Abbey Road/Crypt/RAK studios ~ used/played/recorded by artistes/MDs/bands like James Bay/James Morrison/Shannon Harris (Beautiful South on tour aka Paul Heaton)/Corrinne Bailey Rae/Laura Mvula/Ben Watt/Grant Alexander and 150 more all round the world....better think seriously about reserving one ASAP.


Demand exceeds supply big-time; we have FIVE EP200/200As arriving early May - ready in June - it takes KKGB three days to get any single Wurlitzer "right"....they are SO demanding to work on/all stripped down to hundreds of parts/refurbed original amplifiers/correct suppression/fuses/reeds with dc pilot light/IEC(kettle) 220v socket/matched sustain pedal/original or new legs etc.....we are now taking Nord keyboards in p/ex - yes, the sound can NEVER be replicated...and not just the sound....its the Wurlitzer "experience" of wooden keys/great action & feel....and don't they look super cool?


Like Rolex watches, Wurli pianos will always be an investment. It's a "closed shop" - as no more made since 1982, and no chance of being remade (if they could be, they would cost £6,000...so unlikely?), the value will always increase.


NEW....interested in a totally HUM/NOISE-FREE EP200? In conjunction with WURLISTAR, KKGB will be offering EP200SV pianos (studio version). This special model will be mains-free, battery (dc) driven ~ no a/c mains = NO HUM, so recording will be acoustic bliss! NO onboard speakers. Price will be £2750. Details on request.



(black)  USA import top condition - ready April (with old style legs) - £2450 ***

(black) (with original legs) - ready May - £2250 ***  

1968 - refinished in Wine Red - £2500 wi legs/pedal  ready May

Sandy beige  original legs/pedal - £2750  ready MAY

Rare consoles 1960s (120/140 inside)  £2500/3000  awaiting refurb (will start after deposit received)