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The timeless classic sound of The Fender Rhodes Piano is synonymous with many genres of music, and has never lost its prevalence in recording. But owing to its rarity, price, and portability, Rhodes are appearing less on the contemporary stage, with enthusiasts often digitally emulating the electro-mechanical piano with some success and enjoyment.



But New Jersey’s Vintage Vibe, long known for their keyboard restoration business, believe there’s nothing like the real thing - The first company to build real tine EPs from scratch, in 30 years.



Vintage Vibe electric pianos combine classic tine tones with modern improvements in materials and manufacturing, to deliver not only an accurate Rhodes sound, but a new experience. A brand new electric piano that will please not only the Rhodes purists, but today's live musician.




'' I spent the better part of a decade gigging on (and dragging around) a Rhodes Mark I Stage model, to which I later added a “Suitcase” tremolo unit. How does the Vintage Vibe compare? Imagine the best Rhodes you ever played, but lighter, punchier, and more road-ready.


This axe will meet all your tonal needs, from Steely Dan burners to Herbie Headhunters jams. Truth be told, playing on the Vintage Vibe was one of the most satisfying keyboard experiences I’ve had in years. It plays and breathes like an instrument, not a facsimile of one, because it is one. ''


Jon Regen of


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VV64 007s





Keybed - Thats the wooden base AND the keys. Now made in the USA from Linden wood (aka BASSWOOD & LIME). Keybed is similar construction to a Wurlitzer and thus lighter.


P/ups - Now made in-house. Improved shape and adjustability.


Tines - Made in house by Vintage Vibe with their own machinery. This took years to attain perfection. Each tine is ''right for the job''.


Electronics - VV's own. All passive models have the capacity to be upgraded to active; ie they are "space-ready" for installation of the active electronics.


Harp - Totally new and much lighter - NO wooden frame etc.


Harp lid - Fibre-glass and made in USA.

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Model size




44 keys


64 keys


73 keys

Colors1 Colors2






Active stereo preamp/tremolo




Sustain pedal with rod


Legs with base





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Due to the number of options & extras all prices are P.O.A. (price on application). To discuss or request any of the available options

please email us and we will be happy to come to an arrangement.


Alternatively, visit the for sale page to find out what we currently have in stock.

Klassic Keys GB are THE sole official importers of VINTAGE VIBE pianos in UK and Ireland. We have been since 2013. We supplied the demo unit for the SOS review (April 2013).  We can maintain/repair all models. Safety warning - These pianos are addictive; once played, you will be swatted like a fly...the action is simply staggering......never mind the 17Kgs <<  17Kgs! >> weight...SO giggable!






A. KKGB are dealers. This is what we do; NOT box-shifting breadheads. Try us. Tell us what you have!






A. Card, cash, paypal, bank transfer.


What are you waiting for? KK will be there to hold your hand re any problems/issues/ tuning & warranty back-up.

Check out V Vibe Piano co web site for more info,

Vintage Vibe Pianos

Options & Extras

vv official dealer-circleSM 1 classic 64 web classic passive closeup-2

64P (passive)




Classic 64A

(active stereo pre-amp fitted) - legs & pedal (rods are not shown.)



Classic 44P - £4750

Classic 64A - £5350

Classic 73A - £6000


Deluxe* 64A - £5950

Deluxe* 73A - £6600


(passive models deduct £650)



ALL prices include ALL nasties...viz import air freight/customs duties, taxes etc/handling charges etc and 20% UK VAT (reclaimable if regd), shiny metal legs & pushrod/pedal & UK power cord

(3A fused)....back-up, care and guarantees.



All passive models deduct £333 (Active is highly reccommended - Stereo vib, EQ & FX)


*Sparkle finish in Blue/Red/Gold/Silver on fibre-glass harp lid




Deluxe 73 Burnt Orange-4sm Deluxe 73 Burnt Orange-6sm Deluxe 73 Burnt Orange-3smmmm

73A DeLuxe



Currently in stock


Classic 73A (Black) for sale (ex-demo)  £3,500 + VAT