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Client testimony

'' I got my refurbished '76 Rhodes from Klassic Keys two years ago and I'm still excited about how nice this instrument is. Douglas was kind enough to custom paint the piano in ferra-red and as I was in a pretty tight budget and we were able to discuss all the details of this piano to suit my needs.


Meanwhile, when needed, I've also gotten replacement pickups/tines at a very reasonable price from Doug, as well as installation instructions - smooth sailing! ''


Lauri from Helsinki


"I've always dreamed of owning a Fender Rhodes Piano, It must be something about that "Rhodes sound" from the 70's that evokes all of my favourite bands. I contacted Doug from KlassicKeys with a budget, and he made it happen. He kept me updated of my new "Baby"s restoration, teasing me with pictures of her progress, and then delivered her to my music room. Doug spent a great deal of his own time going the through the workings and maintenance of my Mk11 73.


In my opinion he went above and beyond and helped me realise a dream. Quite simply the most satisfying parting of cash I can recall. Thanks Doug."


Alex of Wrexham - Rhodes Mk11 Stage 73 (1981)

'' I have been renting an EP200a in various cities across the US these past two weeks on my tour, and NONE are a patch on yours, Doug. Thanks. ''

Ben Watt performing on a EP200a from Klassic Keys

Laura Mvula & Jamie Cullum rehearse the song ' Sad sad world ' - featuring a ferra red Klassic Keys EP200.




LAURA MVULA ~ 200 (famous red piano!)


DAVID CLAYTON (Simply Red & top session muso)  ~ Warneck 200



GRANT NICHOLAS (Feeder/Yorktown Heights) ~ 200A

DAN BARBENEL (Belgium) ~ 140

LOUKAS (Greece) ~ 200

S CHRISTIE (Southampton) ~ 700

ERICH (Austria) ~ 270

ERICH (Austria) ~ 145

TOM (Penguin Cafe) ~ 140

PER THORSEN (Norway) ~ 200A

LEO (Italy) ~ 200A

MIKE (Wales) ~ 140

K MATSO (Tokyo) ~ 203W

MATTEO G (Italy) ~ 200A

N LYKKEGARD (Denmark) ~ 200

H SCHMID (Switzerland) ~ 200

R MOORE (USA) ~ 200


STEVE BURTON (top session player/recording artist)  ~ Wurlitzer EP140B |Warneck 200)

R MITCHELL  (London - International jazz pianist) ~ 200A

JACOB ANDERSON  (London - Actor) ~ 200 + Warneck

ALEXIS (Hot Chip) ~ Wurli  EP200 + Wurli EP200A (for touring)

FRANCESCO TURRISI - (classic fusion/int pianist) ~ Wurlitzer EP200A (Ferrared)

BLOC PARTY (Kele) ~ EP200



Plus 50 more WORLD WIDE (inc INDIA & LEBANON)









E CHESSA (Belgium) ~ Stage 73 Mk1

ERICH (Austria) ~ MkV

G OGOUZ (Paris) ~ Stage 73 Mk1

R PFAFF (London) ~ MkV

LIONEL (London) ~ VV64A

RAVI ( Cardiff) ~ Mk1 Suitcase 73

C Mac (Aberdeen) ~ Mk1 Suitcase 88 (purple!)

H Dob (London) ~ Mk1 Suitcase 73

R STANLEY (London) ~ Mk2 Suitcase 73

SESSION MUSIC (Dublin) ~ Mk1 Stage 73

F Nicholas (Belgium) ~ Stage 54

GAEL BENJAMIN – GEYSTER (Paris) ~  Mk1 Stage 73

STEPHAN (France) ~ Mk2 Suitcase ( + MIDI)

HARVEY WALLBANGER (London) ~  Mk1 Stage 88

JEM GODFREY (radio 2 etc) ~ VV73A

STEVE BURTON  (top session player/recording artist) ~ Rhodes S/Case 73

DAVID CLAYTON (Simply Red) ~ V Vibe 73A Deluxe (world tour 2015)

RIK ELLIOTT (TV/music sound engineer) ~ V Vibe Classic 64A

JO ALDINGER (musician - Dresden) ~ Rhodes MkV

MARCUS URANI ~ Clavinet D6 Stage


Plus many solo/studio/musical entrepeneurs worldwide







Owner players of Klassic Keys GB Pianos

''If Doug says its ok...then it definitely IS ok''


Neil Cowley Trio