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Electric Piano Parts

At Klassic Keys we have found the best electric piano parts, having tried most of them from all over the world. We are not biased in any way.

We just want the best for the job...reliable & durable, price is not the major factor. All parts are made in Europe.


Note, we are not making a career out of selling parts so this is all we offer at present.

Fender Rhodes

P/up (Vintage vibe)

Sustain pedal









Sustain pedal

Leg set (4)

Hum shield








CP70/80 sustain pedal  

CP70/80 leg set

CP70/80 PSU




IEC (kettle) mains cord







Black metal - Solid & substantial - No wandering about the stage

No slip in operation, not from far East








Works perfectly

Shiny steel/chromed









Only 1  SOLD

Only 1

£10 (each)

£115 + VAT

£20  + VAT








£135 + VAT

£130 + VAT

£39 + VAT






















Postage/Shipping is extra, at cost.  

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