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Rhodes & Fender Rhodes Pianos Stock List

Rhodes Mk1 75 004 73-knobs

1. Stage 73 Mk1


2. Stage 73 Mk1


3. Stage 73 Mk1


4. Stage 73 MK11


5. Stage 54


6. Stage 73 Mk11













All above require refurbishment/service. Allow 2/3 weeks for such (except when marked otherwise). Suitcase top models can be matched to appropriate powered cabinet to create conventional Suitcase system (with peterson or Haigler pre-amp & cables) OR can be used WITHOUT powered cabinet, using external PSU allowing stereo outs post pre-amp; thus active EQ and stereo vibrato are at your disposal.












+ upgraded tone bars (more sustain)


All original (recapped keys)


Excellent all over


Flat-top/wooden keys -next best to MK5


With RED p/ups....sizzling piano!!!


Plastic keys allow fast/light same great Rhodes sound..ideal for ladies/kids/arthritis sufferers ***


Retro Flyer pre-amps can be fitted FOC to all Stage pianos for £299 extra



*   = With legs, pedal & rod

F   = Fender Rhodes

Rh = Rhodes



*** Note re wooden V plastic keys on Rhodes pianos. In 1981, Rhodes introduced plastic-keyed pianos.. They were quickly discontinued due to adverse reaction from the pro players/purists - BUT - what about those who are not concerned about "grand piano feel"?..but stiill want a real Rhodes? They play like a synthesizer, nice & light..SAME great Rhodes sound..and KKGB have SPARE PARTS (which can be tricky) is your chance!


Items 1,2 & 3 are standard, original, passive Rhodes pianos. Make ACTIVE, with STEREO TREMOLO add (1) Retro Flyer kit, free fitted @ £299 OR (2) Haigler pre-amp (on rail) + PSu @ £450 >> see video >> scroll down...

SAM_2247 (2017_07_10 13_52_22 UTC)

Stage 54












 Action parts now available for sale see parts for sale

KKGB are official Avion Studios European distributors of this amazing device £299 inc p&p/VAT.

Brings ANY Stage piano to LIFE, with stereo trem/outs + active EQ.

Fitted in ten minutes with NO soldering/disruption/grief.

SAM_5096 SAM_5095 SAM_5097

Ready Now  Pro refurbed, voiced & tuned

Retro Flyer pre-amps can be fitted FOC to all Stage pianos for £299 extr

Updated 05/01/20






                                              Further details on any item upon request

In Stock  Awaiting refurb

Fender Rhodes Mk1 1972


Rhodes Stage 88     1977