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Rhodes & Fender Rhodes Pianos Stock List

Rhodes Mk1 75 004 73-knobs

1. Stage 73 Mk1A


2. Stage 73 Mk1


3. Stage 73 Mk1


4. Stage 73 Mk1


5. Stage 73 MK11


6. Stage 73 Mk11


7. Stage 88 Mk1














All above require refurbishment/service. Allow 2/3 weeks for such (except when marked otherwise). Suitcase top models can be matched to appropriate powered cabinet to create conventional Suitcase system (with peterson or Haigler pre-amp & cables) OR can be used WITHOUT powered cabinet, using external PSU allowing stereo outs post pre-amp; thus active EQ and stereo vibrato are at your disposal.
















Ungigged ~ all original


Excellent condition all over


With "miracle mod" factory fitted


Flat-top/wooden keys/red p/ups - next best to MK5


Plastic keys allow fast/light same great Rhodes sound..ideal for ladies/kids/arthritis sufferers ***

Cool 88-note, full concert grand piano range (low "A" lower than a 5-st bass guitar)

Retro Flyer pre-amps can be fitted FOC to all Stage pianos for £299 extra



*   = With legs, pedal & rod

F   = Fender Rhodes

Rh = Rhodes



*** Note re wooden V plastic keys on Rhodes pianos. In 1981, Rhodes introduced plastic-keyed pianos.. They were quickly discontinued due to adverse reaction from the pro players/purists - BUT - what about those who are not concerned about "grand piano feel"?..but stiill want a real Rhodes? They play like a synthesizer, nice & light..SAME great Rhodes sound..and KKGB have SPARE PARTS (which can be tricky) is your chance!


Items 1,2 & 3 are standard, original, passive Rhodes pianos. Make ACTIVE, with STEREO TREMOLO add (1) Retro Flyer kit, free fitted @ £299 OR (2) Haigler pre-amp (on rail) + PSu @ £450 >> see video >> scroll down...

SAM_2247 (2017_07_10 13_52_22 UTC)

Stage 54














 Action parts now available for sale see parts for sale

KKGB are official Avion Studios European distributors of this amazing device £299 inc p&p/VAT.

Brings ANY Stage piano to LIFE, with stereo trem/outs + active EQ.

Fitted in ten minutes with NO soldering/disruption/grief.

SAM_5096 SAM_5095 SAM_5097

Ready Now  Pro refurbed, voiced & tuned

Retro Flyer pre-amps can be fitted FOC to all Stage pianos for £299 extr

Updated 01/04/20






                                              Further details on any item upon request

In Stock  Awaiting refurb

1) Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase 88 System    (1977)    ready March  

2) Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase 73 System    (1977)    ready March    

3) Rhodes Mk11 s/case 73  System    (1983)    ready March