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Klassic Keys pays cash for used instruments depending on condition and history.



Please send an email to discuss payment or part exchange details.




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Looking to sell?

Bespoke service

Custom Wurli EP206 009



At KK we offer a fully bespoke service on most of our vintage pianos; whether it's a custom paint job or a unique take on the internal mechanics.


RHODES SUITCASE PIANOS - we are announcing that we will have certain models available for sale very soon. Our favourite variant is the Rhodes FR7710 4 x 12" 150W Cabinet & 73/88 note matching piano (with the pre-amp with the faders on).


They all require the electronics to be serviced as well as the mechanics....Prices from £1,500.



Our site has been designed to facilitate the needs of professional performers, recording artists and discerning enthusiasts from all over the world, by focusing over 25 years of expertise into a straight forward and rewarding experience!



Due to growing demand for our refurbed pianos, we have to point out that ALL items have to be refurbed/restored. This takes a lot of time; typically 14 hours per unit.


How we are working it now is that a customer's chosen piano will be earmarked to have the work done after an agreed price, delivery costs and deposit have been settled. Three weeks later, piano will be delivered. Klassic Keys do not have a shiny showroom for folks to wander around to any try instruments out.... we have a busy workshop, thats it.


Wurlitzer models in our possession -  Feb 2014


200 (5),  200A (2),  140B (1),  145 (tube amp) (1),  700 spinet (1),  270 (Butterfly baby grand) (1)          


Details on request

Wurli Stock - 02/14

As we have several suitcase models for sale, we are introducing a new for sale section dedicated to suitcase piano models.

New Suitcase section - 6/14


EP206 with 207 top lid & 200 amplifier

Have something special in mind?




Do you own a vintage piano or keyboard?



We are pleased to announce that a new (Fender) Rhodes section has been created as part of the 'for sale' update.



Rhodes Stock List

New Rhodes/Fender Rhodes section - 7/14

UK Distribution of Vintage Vibe Pianos - 11/14

Klassic Keys GB are THE sole official importers of VINTAGE VIBE pianos in UK and Ireland. We have been since 2013. We supplied the demo unit for the SOS review (April 2013).  We can maintain/repair all models. Safety warning - These pianos are addictive; once played, you will be swatted like a fly...the action is simply staggering......never mind the 17Kgs <<  17Kgs! >> weight...SO giggable!


"CLASSIC 64P" is the new budget model that is much more affordable @ £2500 + VAT (£3000 inc). This includes EVERYTHING i.e. Air freight from USA (£200)~handling charges & packing (£150)~ custom duties etc (£???)delivery (£50)~metal legs~sustain pedal/rod.


Note:- USA price is $3200~add air freight/duties/handling/custom clearance etc etc/fees & 20%VAT and its pretty much the same.

Flight case? Add £250 ((inc VAT). Castors for easy-pull, recess under piano for legs, extra space for pedal/rod.






A. We are establishing KKVV agents nationwide. If you are in S.London/Leeds area or Wales (Powys), a play is possible: either personally visit (free), or perhaps a visit can be arranged (£35 fee to cover time/travel - refundable if purchase is confirmed). The KKVV guys are actual owner/players of VV pianos, so solo visiting only, will be a personal studio/home, you see. These guys are helping K Keys GB to simply spread the VV word...its a music passion thing! Any MIDLANDS/SCOTLAND(Edinburgh) demos - mid-November, this will be poss. KK are based 30 minutes from Birmingham/Nottingham/Derby & Leicester. KK have TWO new 64Ps arriving from New Jersey.






A. KKGB are dealers. This is what we do; NOT box-shifting breadheads. Try us. Tell us what you have!






A. Card, cash, paypal, bank transfer.


What are you waiting for? KK will be there to hold your hand re any problems/issues/ tuning & warranty back-up.

Check out V Vibe Piano co web site for more info,

Clipboard classic 64 web classic passive closeup-2

Photos show Classic 64A (active stereo pre-amp fitted) - legs & pedal/rod are not shown..


£2832.39 + Vat

VV 64P (passive)


£2500 + Vat

Two I Do

The living legend that is Stevie Wonder, now owns TWO Vintage Vibe pianos!

Oberheim OB-1 1978 For sale now! $3,250 - 05/15


Oberheim OB-1 is the world's first programmable mono synth with eight memories, all "tweakable" for live usage. This gave the instrument a massive edge over its rivals. Only 400+ ever made in Santa Monica, California; this one is in black and serial no.36~220-240Vac with 10 foot fixed mains cord...


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