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"DREAMTIME USA" is Klassic Keys GB's NEW venture - Vintage original polysynths from the USA 1970/80s ONLY. No remakes/rehashes, just the ones that started it all <> subtractive synthesis simply enables the player to create their OWN sounds; not presets or second-hand samples! Oberheim OB-8 ~ Sequential Circuits Propthet-10 are already available (from 2/6/19). Not cheap items, but they will actually hold/increase their fiscal value in the future (new car vs classic car analogy). Spare parts are always available (no special custom superchips that cannot now be found, like in later synths). We can fix them if they go wrong! KKGB will offer back-up/guarantees, and can even bring any synth to you for demoing, by arrangement.. you can trust us! Hey, I was around when the Prophet 5 emerged at Dougie's Music (Cheshire), I remember a brand-new T-8 coming through the door....and Memorymoogs.


Dreamtime USA

Here are two iconic polysynths pictured together. They are made in the USA in 1970/80s....original/ programmable/true (subtractive) synthesis/midi fitted & monster sounds!


(left) Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 is £8332.17 + VAT  SOLD

(right) Oberheim OB-8 is £4458.32 + VAT  SOLD


ROLAND SH-5 (Japan/1978)

ARP 2600P/3620P (pristine) (USA/1974)


HAMMOND B3 (chopped) + 147 Leslie



£8.5K + VAT



In Stock Now

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SCi Prophet 5  

Oberheim OB-Xa